GRII - August

I’m a little late posting these, but here they are. The month of August I was in the Bay Area for work, which led me to the Pacifica coastal area for most of my frames. There I visited the WWII Devil’s Slide Bunker which is covered in graffiti. I hit the pier for some images of fishing and birds - I wish I could’ve spent a full 24 hours there for a photo essay. 

Lastly I found myself at the new Long Beach City Hall building - something tells me I’ll be back there quite a bit. 

Anyway, here they are.  

Friday Night Lights: Montclair 34 Garey 19

Last night I returned to my high school for the first time since I graduated - I didn’t even return to pick up my diploma following graduation. But last night was a special occasion, my childhood friend took on the title of head coach of the football team this past summer - coach Martin Bacon. We grew up always facing one another in baseball, in the front yard during the summers and during Little League all-stars on up through high school - he went to Etiwanda and I went to Montclair. Bacon went on to play college football at Northridge, and he’s always been a great athlete and understood the culture of sports and dedication. So it’s great to see him at my alma mater and changing the culture there. He’s off to a 2-0 start and something tells me I’ll have a few more visits to my alma mater. Hell, maybe I’ll pick up my diploma. Go Cavs. 

Second Shooter Wedding Season - Take 2

This past weekend I was back in the Bay Area, well Petaluma, for another wedding to assist/second shoot with The wedding took place at the groom’s childhood home, a home that has been in his family for generations. Great ceremony, with a nice intimate feel at the family’s home. 

Congrats Mark and Jen. 

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